Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Altaf Hussain's Family Back ground and Mustufa Kamals involvement in Killing Azeem Ahmed Tariq

 A Girl refused to take degree from MQM minister Farooq Sattar for his alleged links with Black water and for selling Pakistani students to USA.

Our prophet Mohammad (PBUH) was from the noble tribe of Makkah and all the prophets were from noble tribe.It never happened that a famous and most pious and most incredible person came in bad reputation people or from any bad reputation family.Bad reputation means among those who did immoral activity in their daily life.Caste and creed does not mean any profession but it shows rather reflects the character of a person.

If you take the example of our present minister of Interior Rehman Malik he is from Barber family (NAI) i am not Joking but let me tell you being in the nai family does not mean that he is from some filthy back ground or low cast but the things he does i mean the corruption he does shows the back ground of his family.

Like take the example of So called Quaid E Tehreek Mr Altaf Hussain he is also from a low cast where adultery and any type of corruption is of no value, no culture no cast no creed do whatever you like and live your life the way you like nothing stops you from doing immoral and unethical things. In the beginning Altaf Hussain used to do wall chalking by himself even in Hyderabad where he used to live with Jawaid Kardar,Iqbal Ladla,Shakil Ahmed (Shakil is now working and living in Jouhar and running a cell phone shop at Jouhar chowrangi) and used to have fun with the nurses of Hyedrabad.Jawaid Kardar is the that person who painted most of the walls in Hyderabad and murdered the civil Judge of Hyderabad  session court.

Do you know the name of his Father i mean Altaf’s Father Name?
Do you know where his Altaf’s Father is buried?
Do you know where his mother and father used to live?
Do you know Altaf’s cast or creed?
Is there any park or place on his Altaf’s father name?
Why Khursheed Begum Memorial Hall on his mothers name and nothing on his fathers name?
What is the reason of never talking about father?
Is it the matter of shame to talk about father?
Why does Altaf feel shame on showing his fathers name?
Is he ALTAF the legitimate child?
Was her mother divorced?
What was the relation of his father with Khanaywall?
Is he Altaf is son of a person from Khanewall?

Now take the example of MR Mustafa Kamal the nephew of  Late Mr Tariq Azeem the founder member of MQM.It has been called by many founder member of MQM that Azeem ahmed Tariq was killed by the instruction of Altaf Husain and Saleem Shahzad was the one who executed the orders through 4 people and Mustafa Kamal was on top of the list who assisted Saleem Shahzad in killing his own uncle.Even it is said that Mustufa Kamal did open the door to Kill his Uncle Azeem Ahmed Tariq.At that time Mustafa Kamal was performing his duties at nine zero and the orders of killing of Azeem Ahmed Tariq was givine by Altaf Hussain in the Presence of Mr Imran Farooq, Saleem Shahzad and Altafs Main body Guard Khalid. To be cont.....

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